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Warsickle: Presents a Magnificent Album "Selftitled"


 "Warsickle" Presents "Selftitled" a new magnificent album in the Warsickle's history that will be released 22 Jan 2014 as a free download on Gothic World Records. The Album contains also the track "Jama Pekel", which is a remake of the cult song from the czech metal legendary band "Master's Hammer". There are also remixes from Synapsyche, Tanzkonsol, Detuned Destruction and others included.


  1. Invasion
  2. Putrid State
  3. Corruption
  4. Go Pussy Go
  5. Raise Your Consciousness
  6. Vomit Your Mind
  7. Welcome
  8. Burn The Bridge
  9. Der Kaiser ist Tot
  10. This is Electronic
  11. Jama Pekel (Master's Hammer Remake)
  12. Burn The Bridge (Blut Reaktor Remix)
  13. Corruption (Tanzkonsol Remix)
  14. Burn The Bridge (With my Molotov mix by Acrophilic Project)
  15. Go Pussy Go (Tanzkonsol Remix)
  16. Corruption (Synapsyche Remix)
  17. Burn The Bridge (Destructed by Detuned Destruction)
  18. Jump The Pain (Polotovar Remix by Tabinnoise)
  19. Go Pussy Go (Qx-Rh85 Remix)
  20. Die Abrechnung?